The condition of gout is characterized by inflammation in single joints, which can lead to attacks of severe pain. Once an attack has occurred, unless properly treated, attacks will continue to happen more and more frequently. Attacks can be months or years apart and they can affect a different joint every time they occur. If gout is not cured then the time between attacks will gradually get less and less and the attacks will last longer. There are many methods of gout cure available to you today so there is no reason to suffer. There are a great number of herbal remedies available that can be very effective in what is generally a dietary related disease.

An extremely effective natural gout cure is achieved with the use of cherries or cherry juice. The intake of cherries has a great anti-inflammatory effect and has also been shown to have the effect of reducing the amount of uric acid in the body, thus preventing it from crystallizing in the joints, which is where the pain associated with gout occurs. The cherries you use as a treatment for gout can be from a can or they can be fresh, they can be sour or sweet, it does not matter. It is recommended that if you plan to use cherries as a gout cure then the recommended amount for daily consumption is up to half a pound but not less than ten or so. Cherry concentrate can also be used very effectively and it is recommended that you have one tablespoon per day.

As gout is a dietary disease then it should come as no surprise to you that a change in diet can be an effective gout cure. If you are suffering from gout then you will want to limit your intake of foods containing a large amount of purines as these can account for up to fifty percent of uric acid present in the body. Foods that have high levels of purine and should be limited, if not cut from your diet entirely, are: Organ meats (such as sweetbread’s, brains and kidneys.), meat gravies, wild game, sardines, mackerel, anchovies, herring and scallops.

These foods are known to contain the greatest amount of purine content and as such need to be severely limited, or else, as I have said before, totally removed from the diet. If you are suffering from gout then you will also want to increase your water intake as this can have a very positive effect as a gout cure. Increasing your intake of water is a great way to help alleviate gout pain and stop gout attacks as it has the effect of diluting the uric acid in the body.

Gout Cures – Tip #1

One of the best ways to prevent gout, and other dietary related condition, is to eat a healthy diet. If you get any early symptoms of an initial gout attack you should immediately consider having a change of lifestyle, because the attacks will only get more frequent and more severe until you remove the causes of gout from your diet.

Gout Cures – Tip #2

In addition to using proper medication, and some natural remedies, you can also help reduce the incidence of gout attacks through a couple of good habits. High-risk individuals are usually advised to maintain their proper weight to avoid gout. This is a gout treatment that relies much on your ability to discipline yourself.

Gout Cures – Tip #3

Along with offering valuable information, online support groups also provide gout sufferers with emotional assistance. Some patients who suffer from the pain of gout may benefit from the inspiring stories of people who are successfully living and dealing with gout.