One of the best cures for gout disease is to simply drink lots of water. This may come as somewhat of a surprise to many people but the fact remains that water is a great way to prevent gout attacks, not to mention the many other health benefits related to a properly hydrated body.

Hydrotherapy is also a great way to relive pain and for the external treatment of gout using hot and cold water temperatures.

Internal gout treatment

The consumption of plenty of water helps in the following ways:

* Has the effect of flushing uric acid out of the system
* Prevention of kidney stones
* Helps to pass the smaller kidney stones
* Prevents gout attacks
* Provides lubrication for the joints
* Helps the overweight to loose weight

The effects of dehydration on the body are not just restricted to gout disease related troubles; the dehydrated body also suffers from reduced kidney function often resulting in a build up of uric acid and the onset of gout disease. Reduction in the kidneys function also causes other health problems such as kidney infection, kidney stones and in severe cases even kidney failure.

Dehydration is often caused by the high consumption of alcohol and beverages that have a high percentage of caffeine. These include coffee, tea and many carbonated drinks. If you regularly consume such beverages it is highly recommended that you follow them with a glass of water to combat the dehydrating effects of such beverages.

It is recommended when suffering from gout disease to drink at least twelve eight ounce glasses of water daily, this will help to ensure that your body is properly hydrated at all times. You can also drink fruit juice and decaffeinated tea with the same effects but you should still ensure you drink more water than anything else.

External gout treatment

Hydrotherapy can be very effective in combating gout disease and can be used in the following ways.

Standard Hydrotherapy. This involves submerging the body in water and has the effect of taking the stress away from the joints as the water removes up to 90% of the body weight. Of course there are a great many experts in hydrotherapy and it’s use to treat gout disease so it pays to contact your Doctor before embarking on any such treatment as they will be able to put you in touch with an expert.

Contrast Hydrotherapy. This involves applying a hot and cold compress to the effected area or joint and has the effect of reducing inflammation and pain. The method used is to apply a hot compress to an effected joint for three minutes then swapping the hot compress immediately for a cold one and applying for thirty seconds.

Gout Cures – Tip #1

One of the best ways to prevent gout, and other dietary related condition, is to eat a healthy diet. If you get any early symptoms of an initial gout attack you should immediately consider having a change of lifestyle, because the attacks will only get more frequent and more severe until you remove the causes of gout from your diet.

Gout Cures – Tip #2

In addition to using proper medication, and some natural remedies, you can also help reduce the incidence of gout attacks through a couple of good habits. High-risk individuals are usually advised to maintain their proper weight to avoid gout. This is a gout treatment that relies much on your ability to discipline yourself.

Gout Cures – Tip #3

Along with offering valuable information, online support groups also provide gout sufferers with emotional assistance. Some patients who suffer from the pain of gout may benefit from the inspiring stories of people who are successfully living and dealing with gout.