The pain associated with Gout is caused by inflammation of the joints, which is directly caused by the build up of uric acid crystals. Uric acid is found naturally in the body and is formed when the body breaks down purines, which are found naturally in many foods. There are some foods that contain a higher percentage of purines than others. These are mainly sea foods and meats.

It can be hard to predict which people will develop Gout but studies show that those who have a family history of Gout, or people who are taking certain drugs such as diuretics, should take steps towards Gout prevention as they are in a high risk group for developing the condition.

There are many successful treatments for Gout that can be used once an attack occurs or for Gout prevention.  These include Allopurinol, Colchicines and other such medications. It is very important to prevent further Gout attacks as repeated attacks can cause irreparable damage to the joints and other deformities. These take the form of “Tophi” which are lumps in the skin.

Once an attack has occurred Gout prevention medication must be continued to avoid the onset of another attack. It is important to look at your diet as dietary changes can have a positive effect on Gout prevention, particularly lowering the amount of purine rich foods and alcohol in your diet. If you are suffering from Gout you should increase your water intake and recent studies show that Vitamin C, as found in many fruits, may also decrease the amount of uric acid in your system, which can only have a positive effect on Gout prevention.

Obesity has long been associated with Gout, so in this instance weight loss is an important step towards Gout prevention. There is current research into the use of certain drugs to prevent Gout, however, these should always be supplemented with dietary changes and perhaps some herbal remedies as these have been proven to be successful in the treatment and prevention of Gout.

The onset of Gout can be prevented by a balanced diet and limiting the intake of purine rich foods. This does not mean cutting purine rich foods from your diet. Food that is rich in purine is good for you in moderation but like most things, the problem occurs when such foods are eaten in excess and the body has trouble purging itself of the uric acid crystals that occur as the body breaks down the purine. The uric acid crystals commonly form in areas of low blood circulation, most commonly the feet. The problem is often exaggerated in winter as uric acid crystals tend to form better in low temperatures, so be sure to keep your feet warm.

Gout Cures – Tip #1

One of the best ways to prevent gout, and other dietary related condition, is to eat a healthy diet. If you get any early symptoms of an initial gout attack you should immediately consider having a change of lifestyle, because the attacks will only get more frequent and more severe until you remove the causes of gout from your diet.

Gout Cures – Tip #2

In addition to using proper medication, and some natural remedies, you can also help reduce the incidence of gout attacks through a couple of good habits. High-risk individuals are usually advised to maintain their proper weight to avoid gout. This is a gout treatment that relies much on your ability to discipline yourself.

Gout Cures – Tip #3

Along with offering valuable information, online support groups also provide gout sufferers with emotional assistance. Some patients who suffer from the pain of gout may benefit from the inspiring stories of people who are successfully living and dealing with gout.